SYMMETRIC Governance
Protocol Governance for managing fees, incentives, partnerships & growth
PLEASE NOTE : Governance is moving into the Symmetric App itself
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This section outlines the governance of the project
May 2021
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circulating supply
The current circulating supply can be found HERE
Which platform is thee dao hosted on?
Why participate?
Symmetric is a community driven and governed project, through the Symmetric DAO. Members can influence growth initiatives, manage fees and incentives by participating.
Developers can also create improvement proposals for custom bounties created just for them

What are the membership dues?
A one time contribution of 10 SYMM tokens applies*
*limited time only

who are the members?
Symmetric DAO consists of the operations team, core community and partner projects.
The DAO however, is open to anyone and is actively encouraging users and potential users to join.

What are the responsibilities?

DAO members are expected to actively participate in governance related matters and express their opinions in an open forum. They are responsible to ensure they act in the best interests if the protocol.

What are the benefits?
It is important to note that changes to upgrades to the protocol can only be made through the DAO. All enthusiasts are invited to join the DAO and help shape Symmetric

Governance Process

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